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  • Use Argu to access .NET Core hosted configuration (appSettings.json)

    Configure Argu to read from hosted Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration and pass a ParseResult<'T> through dependency injection. This allows you to combine Argu's full-featured command-line handling and strong typing with M.E.C's multiple sources (appSettings..json, environment variables, etc).

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    Posted: 24 days ago by Loïc Denuzière

  • A very simple free monad

    You might have heard that a "free" monad can be created from any functor. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean much if you're not already familiar with category theory. This example creates a free monad from a simple functor types

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    Posted: 1 month ago by Brian Berns

  • Continue sequence after applying Seq.takeWhile, skip, take, etc

    Sometimes you need to take more elements from a sequence, e.g. look at This solution allows fetching elements from the same sequence after applying takeWhile, skip, take and other sequence functions. However, need to remember to call function with right parameter: use 'true' to include current element into result sequence (after takeWhile for example)

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    Posted: 1 month ago by Ruslan Enikeev

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