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  • Migrate from Settings.StyleCop to .ruleset

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    Posted: 13 days ago by journeyman

  • Generic fst and snd functions

    It seems original design for struct tuples doesn't contain struct versions of fst and snd functions. SRTP FTW!

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    Posted: 19 days ago by Evgeniy Andreev

  • tutorial, test, tennis, clarity, simplicity in f#

    f# short and sweet may help beginners. Score on winning a point, Winning number first and other players is labeled: b example "0",b ->"15", b. A special case of draw-deuce is "40", "A" -> "40","40" If player 2 wins a point score calling is flipped as 2->score(b,a). fold (fun to call for each element in the test list) (initials "0","0") [test list of winning player] Notice f# is perhaps easier and clearer than pseudo code and verbose description. An improvement suggestion for Don is if syntax is not confused can word function be made optional so = |... or -> |.. so syntax is ever more clearer?

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    Posted: 20 days ago by Musa Jahanghir

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