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  • Quote SQL Server identifiers

    Quotes SQL Server identifiers. Handles embedded quotes.

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    Posted: 13 years ago by Daniel Robinson

  • Bulk copy into table with IDENTITY column

    Want to do a SqlBulkCopy into a table which has an IDENTITY column? If your DataTable has the same columns as the target (but without the ID), you can map the columns numerically, skipping the first target column.

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    Posted: 11 years ago by Kit Eason

  • Walkthrough: Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Handler

    The Microsoft tutorial Walkthrough: Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Handler did not describe how to use IHttpAsyncHandler from F#.
    It was also a bit complicated, because it did not show how to do it from Visual Studio. Here is the Visual Studio F# version. 1. Create empty ASP.NET Web Application. Call it FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 2. Add a F# library project to the solution. Call it FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib. 3. Add the following code to Library1.fs in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib 4. Add a reference to System.Web in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib 5. Add a reference to FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 6. Add the following to Web.config in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 7. In the Web tab of the project properties of FSharpHttpAsyncHandler, set Start url to http://localhost://whatever.SampleAsync 8. Run debug.

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    Posted: 6 years ago by Erling Hellenäs