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  • Twitter API (Old School)

    Old School Way to Query Twitter API(Works in VS 2010, without a Type Provider). Ported from partially working C# snippets on another blog. Fully tested and working. Define your own string parmeters for OAuthToken OAuthConsumerKey OAuthTokenSecret OAuthConsumerSecret ScreenName to get this sample to work.

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    Posted: 10 years ago by Darren Smith

  • OAuth signed authorization header generator

    Generates the authorization header for an OAuth 1.0 enabled service. Tested with Twitter and one other API

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    Posted: 5 years ago by Faisal Waris

  • Verify Azure-ACS issued OAuth Simple Web Token

    Verifies the OAuth SWT (simple web token) issued by Azure ACS The SWT may be obtained by many methods; one way is: - "How to: Request a Token from ACS via the OAuth WRAP Protocol" ( (Note I used the userid/password method to obtain the token on behalf of a 'service identity' set up in ACS) The token is normally verifed by a 'relying party' such as an ASP.Net website hosting a Web API General ACS documentation is here:

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    Posted: 10 years ago by Faisal Waris

  • Simple synchronous HTTP Server

    Needed to receive an OAuth 2 response so used simple http listener

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Ivan Rainbolt