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  • Seq.partition

    A partition function on sequences, like List.partition and Array.partition, but yields elements in either partition on demand. Suitable as an extension to Seq.

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    Posted: 13 years ago by Stephen Swensen

  • Structural BeginUpdate / EndUpdate with Lambda

    Several WinForms controls, like TreeView and ListView, implement methods BeginUpdate and EndUpdate, which suspend repainting of the control while items are being individually added to a control, preventing flicker caused by rapid repainting. But using BeginUpdate and EndUpdate is very imperative, and opens up the possibility for bugs, such as neglecting to call the matching EndUpdate. An obvious improvement would be to create an extension method on types implementing this pattern which takes a unit -> unit lambda which is executed between update pairs. But the pattern is only conventional, rather than through a common base class or interface. Hence this presents a reasonable opportunity to use F#'s statically resolved structural type system to implement a function which only works on Control types with the correct structural signature.

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    Posted: 13 years ago by Stephen Swensen