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  • F# Future using lazy and a threading event

    F# Future using lazy and a threading event. Supports creating futures from functions or asyncs. Eager evaluation of can be specified.

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    Posted: 13 years ago by Ankur Dhama

  • Walkthrough: Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Handler

    The Microsoft tutorial Walkthrough: Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Handler did not describe how to use IHttpAsyncHandler from F#.
    It was also a bit complicated, because it did not show how to do it from Visual Studio. Here is the Visual Studio F# version. 1. Create empty ASP.NET Web Application. Call it FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 2. Add a F# library project to the solution. Call it FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib. 3. Add the following code to Library1.fs in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib 4. Add a reference to System.Web in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib 5. Add a reference to FSharpHttpAsyncHandler.Lib in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 6. Add the following to Web.config in FSharpHttpAsyncHandler. 7. In the Web tab of the project properties of FSharpHttpAsyncHandler, set Start url to http://localhost://whatever.SampleAsync 8. Run debug.

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    Posted: 6 years ago by Erling Hellenäs

  • Async Primitives

    A set of Async primitives as described by Dave Thomas [1] (and derived from Stephen Toub [2]). [1] [2]

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    Posted: 12 years ago by Ryan Riley