Snippets tagged infinite sequence

  • Simple normally distributed random number generator

    There are better (faster, more efficient) ways to do this, F# numerics library for a start, but this is at least interesting. This snippet uses the polar form of the Box-Muller method to generate Normal- (Gaussian-) distributed random numbers as an infinite sequence. The polar form is more efficient than the basic form as it does not rely on trigonometric function calls, but there are far more efficient alogrithms (read harder to implement) e.g. the Ziggurat method (for a later post).

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Kevin Roche

  • Continue sequence after applying Seq.takeWhile, skip, take, etc

    Sometimes you need to take more elements from a sequence, e.g. look at This solution allows fetching elements from the same sequence after applying takeWhile, skip, take and other sequence functions. However, need to remember to call function with right parameter: use 'true' to include current element into result sequence (after takeWhile for example)

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    Posted: 4 years ago by Ruslan Enikeev