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  • Building a WPF application in functional way

    I started to write pure F# + WPF application in about half a year ago. Today, I found a good way to compose WPF controls with dependent values. It's only writing a dependency object type as a class and give it to constructors of GUI controls. In this snippet "Volume","ColorVolume" and "ShapeContainer" has no properties. But works as a View which represents internal Model and allows users to change internal data. You only need calling a constructor of them. It means that you can compose GUI controls and it's functionality as a immutable data structure. (Update 2011/12/02 8:33:00(UTC+09:00) : Removed some user defined operators and renamed a type similar to DependencyObject in this snippet Reactor to SharedValue.) (Update 2011/12/02 9:04:01(UTC+09:00) : renamed some variables..)

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    Posted: 12 years ago by nagat01

  • Simple example of cross platform Eto forms library

    Simple example of Eto library usage for drawing

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Antonio Cisternino