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  • Caching the function object created

    Caching the function object created

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    Posted: 13 years ago by fholm

  • memoizeBy

    Sometimes you might wish to memoize a function whose input doesn't have the equality and comparison constraints, or maybe the comparison of your given type is just too slow for what you need. To fix this, you simply provide a function which converts the input into something more fitting as an extra parameter.

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    Posted: 12 years ago by Rick Minerich

  • Simple sql command helper

    Minimalist assistant to read data / execute database command. //I have question //How to Print the read value i.e.Customer.Id and Customer.Name //some sample regarding are available?? //Link For convering c# code to f# would be helpful-reply me at

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    Posted: 12 years ago by S. Kasperovich

  • FizzBuzz in F# by Embedding a Domain-Specific Language

    This is a translation to F# of the Haskell code in the article "FizzBuzz in Haskell by Embedding a Domain-Specific Language" by Maciej Piróg The original article is located here: The idea is to help people familiar with F# but not with Haskell to follow the article.

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    Posted: 10 years ago by Cesar Mendoza