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  • The Haskell const function

    The const function is simple, but you can use it to make your code more legible. In this example we convert a unary function to a function of arity 2 (that ignores the second argument). Also by using the flip function from Haskell (which is equally easy to define) you can ignore the first argument.

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Alex Muscar

  • Adapter pattern

    Invoke the methods from incompatible types

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    Posted: 8 years ago by Tao Liu

  • Dynamic operator using Reflection

    Demonstrates how to implement the dynamic operator (?) using .NET Reflection. The implementation supports calling constructors, propreties and methods using simple overload resolution (based on parameter count). It handles instance as well as static members.

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    Posted: 8 years ago by Tomas Petricek

  • Asynchronous sequences

    An asynchronous sequence is similar to the seq type, but the elements of the sequence are generated asynchronously without blocking the caller as in Async. This snippet declares asynchronous sequence and uses it to compare two files in 1k blocks.

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Tomas Petricek

  • Filtering lists

    Two functions showing how to filter functional lists using the specified predicate. First version uses naive recursion and the second one is tail-recursive using the accumulator parameter.

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Tomas Petricek

  • Break sequence into n-element subsequences

    I'm working on parallel computations and I thought it would be useful to break work into chunks, especially when processing each element asynchronously is too expensive. The neat thing is that this function is general even though motivation for it is specific. Another neat thing is that this is true lazy sequence unlike what you'd get if you used Seq.groupBy. There are three versions for your enjoyment.

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    Posted: 9 years ago by Dmitri Pavlenkov

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