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  • Two Logicians

    Solves the "Two Logicians" puzzle.

    Posted: 12 days ago by Vandroiy

  • Similar string Markov chain

    Generates strings that are similar to the input, as measured by the probability of a symbol depending on preceding symbols. (Markov chain) The order, which defines how many preceding symbols to look at before placing another, is variable.

    Posted: 19 days ago by Vandroiy

  • Lock-free, mutable list

    Lock-free, mutable list that supports multi-threading scenarios.

    Posted: 1 months ago by Ruxo Zheng

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  • Exploring Population Data

    Learn Key Principle of F# in just a few minutes with the following Sample of "World Bank Type Provider - Exploring Population Data"

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    Posted: 10 months ago by Muhammad Mugees Asif

  • FSX Structure

    I use this basic template when writing .fsx files that I might want to compile. It adjusts the difference in command line/entrypoint handling between a script and a compiled assembly. This example shows the details for a WPF script — replace the #r's and/or remove the STAThread for a WinForms or Console script.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Blake Coverett

  • Load XAML

    This example shows how to load a Xaml file allowing to use WPF from F#. It also shows how to access WPF objects and register event handlers.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Antonio Cisternino

  • Haskell function : iterate

    Implements iterate function from Haskell's Prelude. The function generates an infinite sequence by applying a function to the initial value (first) and then to the result of previous application.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Nick Palladinos

  • Adapter pattern

    Invoke the methods from incompatible types

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    Posted: 3 years ago by Tao Liu

  • Read only ref

    F# implementation of RO_ref from the "Effective ML" talk.

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    Posted: 3 years ago by fholm

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