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  • C# motion detection source code: How to achieve tripwire with a USB webcam

    Tripwire is a special part of motion detection that can be used to monitor and alert on specific changes. More specifically: tripwire means the detection of intrusion. This code snippet presents how to create a C# software by using prewritten computer vision components ( allowing you to get notified when your USB webcam triggers an intrusion. For instance, by using this application, you can use your camera to alarm when a people enters into the shop/office, or even to count how many people entered, etc. After the necessary using lines and objects you need to implement the Main method and the necessary functions for connecting to a USB webcamera. The startBt_Click method is used to start the tripwire functionality. Thereafter you can see how to handle the enter and exit events. Nothing could be more simple! :)

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    Posted: 9 hours ago by chewie-wookiee

  • Get running Visual Studio instances as DTE objects

    Get running Visual Studio instances as DTE objects. Based on

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    Posted: 11 days ago by Gauthier Segay

  • Update Monad in F# based on Tomas Petricek article

    This is 100% based on tomas petricek blog article. there has been some small additions in regards to adding Result type and handling Monoids for the Writer Part. go check the following blog article : Comment appreciated + bear in mind that performance wise, the Monoid Combine operator, could be greatly improved and more.

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    Posted: 15 days ago by Fahd Abdeljallal

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