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  • Creating objects with events

    This snippet shows how to create objects with events in F#. It shows both simple event (to be used from F#) and a .NET compatible event with specific delegate type.

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    Posted: 6 years ago by Tomas Petricek

  • Load XAML

    This example shows how to load a Xaml file allowing to use WPF from F#. It also shows how to access WPF objects and register event handlers.

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    Posted: 6 years ago by Antonio Cisternino

  • Continuation-Passing Mnemonics

    Continuations provide a means whereby heap space can be traded for stack depth (heap space being generally more plentiful than stack depth). They are especially useful where tail recursion is not possible. Here are a couple of simple continuation examples that can be extended to cover more complex scenarios.

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    Posted: 6 years ago by Neil Carrier

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